Pismo prijatelju

(Ovo je deo odgovora koji sam napisala jednom prijatelju u nastavku konverzacije o našim životima trenutno, i čini mi se da može da nađe mesto ovde za sada. Ne znam kad ću sledeći put uhvatiti ove misli i zapisati ih).

‘The rants are necessary part of this cumulative culture. We all accumulate enough stress to power a small city. And you have to keep going, there is no choice. The cities will go dark.

It is very interesting (when I can detach myself) to realize that all the problems are all the same everywhere. Because what causes them is people. And people don’t really come in such variety. My daughter just earlier this week had to write an essay in Philosophy whether people were inherently good or bad/evil. She thought a lot about it, was frustrated (no kidding, the most challenging question since the dawn of time), talked to me (which didn’t help), and then she decided that they were bad. Unchecked self-interest, brutal competition over most trivial things, emotions… Spread that over 7 billion, and you can’t get anything else but veritable Hell. And we built it ourselves.

Being a gentleman/woman farmer would be nice (as described in literature), but a farmer with Monsantos and other giants trampling all over the planet for ownership and control of fertile soil…
I think keeping our own wants in check is crucial. Sort of monastic mode of life adapted to each personality. That way we can stop thinking about changing the world (I seriously wanted to do that, and believed it possible) and focus on how to improve our own lives within the limits we are forced into. This of course is excruciatingly difficult, and I for one don’t know how to do that for myself, but there is nothing else. We live and then we die. If in-between we manage to behave as decent human beings, have good relationships, and enjoy some moments in life – that’s a plenty.

This life style collides with the ruling view, as it has become practically impossible to want little. You always have to keep pushing for more, or you are stampeded over. So, I don’t know how to do it, how to get there. People retire and move to poor countries with warm climate and relatively stable political systems. I don’t know that people there are so happy about it. But then, who is happy. That’s why we are all chasing after it, the happiness. If something’s missing, we’ll find it, invent it… whatever the cost.

Chin up, dear friend.’

2 mišljenja na „Pismo prijatelju

  1. We live and then we die. If in-between we manage to behave as decent human beings, have good relationships, and enjoy some moments in life – that’s a plenty.
    једина истина. Зато уживајмо у тим неким моментима,
    ’cause it’s crying time (again 🙂

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