A Love Letter

To love summer is to tell Life:
I am You
Never will I be a part of anything
more beautiful than You

I take to the streets and join
in my own summer skin
sheathed in a summer dress

I have many

I have many
and each is my beloved

They flip fold crease yield
as the wind blows
as I move
as I stand still
as the wind waits
and we cross the street together

A flag of my erotic dependence
a magistrate of effortless truce
a summer dress separates two opportunists
– the heat of the day
and the swelter of the life within

Folded it fills a fist

My summer travels have founded
the temple of life’s happiest moments
I know now
that memories alone
can mimic forever in its lofty abode
I, in their midst, am posing
in a summer dress