I had a dream finally
a beautiful dream in which I met
a former lover and he didn’t hate me
but he did not explain why such lack of
resentment – although I’ve noticed that men
remember sex better and
they remember love better
but that must be because men claim
and steal and love to think that once
if only once they get a chance to appear
in a dream it might be for real

He was beautiful in that dream
Not only did age not touch his face
but it has reshaped itself into
that of a virile adolescent cherub
framed with blond wavy hair and marked
as a target with round red lips
I caught a glance of myself in the mirror
positioned perfectly stage-like in that dream
its only intent that I gain a more realistic
perspective on this unexpected rendezvous
Red and black face cringed into a silent
scream and eyes popping out all blood-shot
I looked like a particularly ugly version
of the Devil
But he looked on at me lovingly
as if he’d never seen anything so beautiful

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