Audio cetvrtak

And so Nina came to me one day, it was Thursday, and she said: „Here comes the Sun, little darling. Sit with me and we’ll listen to what it says, maybe sing a little.“

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  1. Hi Ivana,

    I am commenting because I also use the same theme you do – redoable lite – and have some questions that aren’t being answered by I thought I would ask other redoable lite users what they think.

    Have you ever noticed that the theme changes? If you click on the post title, the text is in a narrow column. If you click on the blog title, the text is wide.

    Does this bother you? It bothers me. I put in photos, and it changes the look every time. I would like it to stay the same: wide.

    what do you think?

    ian in hamburg

  2. Hi Ian,

    My technical knowledge is minimal (or better, criminal) and after a search in FAQ I always end up on the WordPress Forums, where I post under ‘question’ my concerns and puzzles. I expect that you already know of this. They have been quite helpful, and there were things they could do nothing about.

    I know what you are talking about. It hasn’t affected much of what I do, or my mood but I can see how it can bother you. At the bottom of each design there is a link to the designer’s blog or web site, and Dean J. Robinson might be willing to answer questions.

    I glanced quickly at your blog and I could see that your text is practically attached to the photograph. They have instructions on how to avoid that on FAQ (which I don’t remember) but what I normally do is after posting I edit that same post and space the text from the image manually (I don’t post photos all that often).

    This is the extent of my advice unfortunately. Good luck!

    Ivana in Toronto

  3. Hi Ivana,

    Thanks for this. My technical knowledge is also next to zero. Nevertheless you do pick little things up here and there – I have been inserting 10 pixels into the coding so the text doesn’t jam up right against the photos. I guess maybe I should start doing 20…

    I’ve tried to contact the designer Dean Robinson, but so far he hasn’t responded. I get the feeling WordPress doesn’t really care about how the themes work, they just want you to pay for the CSS upgrade.


  4. Hi Ian,

    I don’t know what you mean by inserting pixels, I just use the space bar 🙂

    My impression of the wordpress so far has been very good, in fact. I understand that most of them are volunteers, if they can’t help on forums they advise you to write to support (I did once and they helped), and just to think that the production of this magnitude is running quite well, without commercial promotions popping up everywhere, is indeed a great success. And it gives you a grain of hope about the world.

    What I saw on upgrades is that they are quite frank about them not being for those who don’t have a certain level of technical knowledge. I appreciated that; they are not for me.

    I agree about learning in bits and pieces as you go. It’s the fun of it, for me, at least 🙂



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