In The World Today

I read an interview with a young poet today
(He is not so young at 31 years old)
He said that he is present in some form
in most of the poetry today
I liked that and thought it was a prerogative
for a young poet
The young poet lives in a small town
where, according to him, culture thrives
Denizens dress up and go to
cultural events; they participate and
run their refined palettes over
coarse poems and smooth prose
rub them carefully between fingers
and bring to the equally refined noses to discriminate
I liked that even more – the small town
on the outskirts of the world
with robust appetite for culture
(I am developing a taste for small towns)
Then he was asked a question about his other passions
and he said that there was one thing
a reputation, if you wish – he likes older women
Older by a year, or by twenty
His range is like his presence in poetry
and the culture of his town –
far-reaching and unbridled
I liked that the best
Mostly because I could imagine
the proud folk of the town
reading the interview
of their talented son
and nodding in agreement
as if all is well with the world

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