How funny it is to think now
of that time
when I entered the house
where I felt I belonged
Or it belonged to me
It was factually a ground floor
of a renter’s house
in a well-lit neighbourhood
that cozied itself in the middle of downtown
Two rooms at the front
one over there
one here
bathroom, kitchen and windows
following walls
or the other way around, and around
I stood in the centre of that house
and closing my eyes
(so I wouldn’t get embarrassed)
I imagined lying on the floor face down
with arms spread out
Then I said to the people I met there
„Please, leave my house now“


2 thoughts on “Belonging

  1. osecajno..

    bez velikih hvala
    iako bi trebalo, jer zasluzuje
    ali ponekad ne umem..

    jako, jako dobro.. stvarno..


    ..prozaneuroza dobija link medju mojim cestim mestima..

  2. indidkid, istinito? Mislis na onaj poslednji deo? Nisam rekla glasno ali jeste istinito, celo iskustvo. Neobicno je to bilo i potpuno prozivljeno.
    Hvala, i lepo si to rekao sa cestim mestima.

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